Saturday 16 February 2013

I cannot lie

....we really are having the most beautiful Summer down under. The like of which I had long forgotten existed.

Friday night and when Hubster came home at 7.15pm it was still 27 degrees. At 7.45 the sea was still lovely and warm and plenty of people still in it.

I had prepared a supper of tail on king prawns, homemade marie-rose (with a good dash of Worcester sauce and tobasco, thats the secret), Thai Chicken skewers and a zingy, crispy Asian salad.

I threw in a couple of tins of non-alky beer. We are having a dry run at the mo.

Picnic, blanket, wet wipes and insect repellent all packed up in my basket, loaded on the front of my bike, ready for the off....oh and camera of course

It was a top idea on such a gorgeous night and a great way for Hubster to shrug off the working week.

We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset and a great picture of the Spirit of Tasmania ferry in silhouette at sun down.

What would a trip to the beach be without a Mr Softy 99? Some things have to be done.

I cannot lie, what isn't there to love about Summer in the Bay in Melbourne?


Wednesday 13 February 2013

How will you say it?

Flowers? Chocolates? Champagne? A little extra loving?

Perhaps all of the above.

I fell in love with Hubster when I was a wee sapling of 22, some 20 odd years ago. I think he has got the message by now that I love him very much. I tell him every day and he does me.

It would seem silly for us, even comical, to suddenly make a big fuss on Valentines day.

True love manifests itself in the little acts of kindness and consideration, putting yourself out or doing something with them or for them because you know it will make them happy. Even when it's not your thing, especially when it's not your thing.

Listening, properly. Reading between the lines, picking up the body language and knowing when 'Yes' really means 'No'.

All that stuff and so much more.

Sometimes we do have a glass of bubbles together but not this year. We are signed up to Feb Fast for the next 2 weeks. We are doing the "half arsed" version, that is the Aussie terminology for it not ours, see the link above!

However, this year I have said it with Cheese cos I know he loves it. Especially this kind.

I found a little deli yesterday selling 'proper' imported French cheese, rarest of the rare. Yes it was an exorbitant price for the minutest amount but I know how he loves a bit of Beaufort and an oozy, buttery Brie from Breton.

Roses are red, Brie is creamy
Beaufort is nutty and so are you! (and me!)


Saturday 9 February 2013


Chores done.

Hubster is on the golf course, so enjoying some special time with my joy, my boy.

The lawn is verdant if not a little long but its cooling on our feet under the hot sun.

The sky is just beautiful today and the temperature is perfect.

We laze in the shade together savouring the exquisite laziness of it all whilst marvelling at the artistic spider's web.

I can't take my eyes off my boy, he is an angel with a furry coat and so very wise.

I feel peaceful and cheerful and oh so very blessed.


Monday 4 February 2013


Mary was quite exhausted by the time I scooped her up at the airport and it was a relief to see her arrive safe and sound.

I was quite emotional, as ever it is always the friends and family you miss the most and just the thought of seeing Mary walk through those sliding doors into the arrivals hall was making me teary.

When you have guests you become a tourist yourself once more. Doing all the touristy things you wouldn't normally do.

The pace was genteel, impossible to cover everything, so we picked a few things and did them well and it was cherished and precious time, with plenty of stops for endless chats.

So much to catch up on.

Here are some of the beautiful scenes we shared during our 5 nights together.



Can you spot me?


With friends over time you cross the slopes of despair, you share trodden trails paved with tears, you share anger, fear and dismay but what you truly remember is the laughter and the good times you have shared.
............and the love. Love is all that matters. Truly.