Wednesday, 13 February 2013

How will you say it?

Flowers? Chocolates? Champagne? A little extra loving?

Perhaps all of the above.

I fell in love with Hubster when I was a wee sapling of 22, some 20 odd years ago. I think he has got the message by now that I love him very much. I tell him every day and he does me.

It would seem silly for us, even comical, to suddenly make a big fuss on Valentines day.

True love manifests itself in the little acts of kindness and consideration, putting yourself out or doing something with them or for them because you know it will make them happy. Even when it's not your thing, especially when it's not your thing.

Listening, properly. Reading between the lines, picking up the body language and knowing when 'Yes' really means 'No'.

All that stuff and so much more.

Sometimes we do have a glass of bubbles together but not this year. We are signed up to Feb Fast for the next 2 weeks. We are doing the "half arsed" version, that is the Aussie terminology for it not ours, see the link above!

However, this year I have said it with Cheese cos I know he loves it. Especially this kind.

I found a little deli yesterday selling 'proper' imported French cheese, rarest of the rare. Yes it was an exorbitant price for the minutest amount but I know how he loves a bit of Beaufort and an oozy, buttery Brie from Breton.

Roses are red, Brie is creamy
Beaufort is nutty and so are you! (and me!)


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