Saturday 31 December 2011

A New Year Letter to Me

Dear 8 year old me
Take a chance & dont let go, risk everything knowing in the end you lose nothing, don't worry about anything anymore, cry in the rain and speak up, say what you want and love who you want ...  but most of all be yourself and not what people want to see, never blame anyone if you get hurt because you took the rise & you decided who was worth your while. ♥ 

Its 2012 in just one hour and you know, you are ok, more than in fact. What a journey girl! Hold tight there is more to come, you never thought it for one minute did you? But you are having a life you could never have imagined, the good and the crap too. Its part of that tapestry you know and I know you understand that now. The Yin and the Yang is the Circle of life.

This is your mid life Chapter, lets hope to reflect back in our 90's when we really dont give a monkeys and batty is ultra cool.

Love 42 year old me! xxx


Thursday 29 December 2011

Christmas is LOVE

Well what can I say, for the first time ever in my life I can honestly say that Christmas was a bit eclipsed by the Ozzie Factor!

Christmas in Melbourne

We partied a plenty, we drank bubbles, we enjoyed a wonderful and very special  time with the family but the spirit of Christmas, although it threatened and I wanted it so much, failed to reach that bit of my tummy that gives me excited butterflies.

Melbourne you stole the Christmas I have come to know as far back as I can remember.

However, its ok its not about the paper and frippery, the sillly hats and tinsel really is it? A lesson was reinforced for me this year because it really was all about LOVE.

The most beautiful gift of all was in abundance from friends and family all around.

Clearly even the Radders mind was on all things "upside down" this year!

This Christmas involved a funeral and a wedding and at both LOVE was in the air in bucket fulls and I felt all of it.

Me and Hubster just exchanged cards this year, no gifts but the words he wrote in my card I will treasure always and never forget, full of LOVE.

We went out with some dear friends and part of our chat went like this and I will never forget its simple truth. 

"Do you remember all the gifts you have been given over the years?"

"Often we dont from one year to the next"

"But you do remember who you were with, the laughter and LOVE and the good times you shared"

Indeed you do.

As we prepare for a new chapter in our lives, one thing I can promise you is that next Christmas I will remember the one gift that didnt come wrapped up in tissue and bows but was given to us from the heart from those we hold dear.

Christmas is LOVE.

Thursday 15 December 2011

Winter beach babies!

Dear Muckers

Have you ever caught the spirit of a wild and windy day?

Buffeting you about like some clumsy, boisterous school boy.

It was me, Momma and Poppa and not another soul on the beach on a beautiful, blustery winters day.

Well thats not quite true there were lots and lots of birds, which I loved putting up!

This is how my day started..............

Momma did you just say the word "Beach?"

"50p for me cos I can see the sea!"

Eye on the prize
Windy Poppa? No way!

Is this my best side Momma?

Momma put that camera away and play!

Always time for a Poppa cuddle

Moody winter skies

Laughing like Momma!

Out came the sunshine!
Boy talk!

So typically Poppas lunch

So typically Momma's lunch

I shall remember this beautiful day, it was a perfect day and I am glad I spent it with you!

Love Radders xxx

P.S Radders,  Momma and Poppa also had a day to remember. Seeing you run with abandon is the most exhilarating, joyful sight and helped us realise that next year's destination is going to be a dream come true for you. xxx

Thursday 8 December 2011

...and so it is decreed

And so it is decreed that on 1st December, festive decorations will adorn the home and it is officially declared that Christmas songs will fill the air.

So it is decreed Chez T-J.

Every year, just like that.

But not this year.

"I dont feel like putting the tree up this year"

"Not sure I can be bothered with it"

"How can I put the tree up when I am just not feeling it?"

It is most perturbing, it has never happened before. But after a little thought, I have concluded that perhaps it's not at all surprising.

With so much on our plates right now, my head has concluded that something has to give, as my heart is being directed elsewhere and so maybe it needs to let something go.

But I am not letting go of Christmas, oh no far from it. No head I wont listen to you, my heart is surely big enough to fit everything in.

So 8th December it is decreed, stop being a bloody bah humbug and do your best girl.

So I did and I have.

Take my hand and come with me and creep along the hall
Hush! Step very softly, lets make no noised at all
Peep into the sitting room, oh what a pretty sight
The tree all shining in the magic of the moon's white light

Happy Christmas one and all, my last Crimbo in Blighty for a while. Rather than let my head rule my heart, my heart will rule my head instead as ever and so I decree.............................