Thursday, 15 December 2011

Winter beach babies!

Dear Muckers

Have you ever caught the spirit of a wild and windy day?

Buffeting you about like some clumsy, boisterous school boy.

It was me, Momma and Poppa and not another soul on the beach on a beautiful, blustery winters day.

Well thats not quite true there were lots and lots of birds, which I loved putting up!

This is how my day started..............

Momma did you just say the word "Beach?"

"50p for me cos I can see the sea!"

Eye on the prize
Windy Poppa? No way!

Is this my best side Momma?

Momma put that camera away and play!

Always time for a Poppa cuddle

Moody winter skies

Laughing like Momma!

Out came the sunshine!
Boy talk!

So typically Poppas lunch

So typically Momma's lunch

I shall remember this beautiful day, it was a perfect day and I am glad I spent it with you!

Love Radders xxx

P.S Radders,  Momma and Poppa also had a day to remember. Seeing you run with abandon is the most exhilarating, joyful sight and helped us realise that next year's destination is going to be a dream come true for you. xxx


  1. That first picture is just wonderful.


  2. Such a cute boy, looks as though you had a wonderful day, where did you go and where was the dog friendly pub? xxx

  3. It was Holme next the sea. A stunning expanse of beach, perfect for a boy to run freely and wildly, it was exhilarating for all. The pub had a sign in the entrance saying "All dogs welcome but all children must be kept on a lead" - our kind of place! xxx