Thursday, 8 December 2011

...and so it is decreed

And so it is decreed that on 1st December, festive decorations will adorn the home and it is officially declared that Christmas songs will fill the air.

So it is decreed Chez T-J.

Every year, just like that.

But not this year.

"I dont feel like putting the tree up this year"

"Not sure I can be bothered with it"

"How can I put the tree up when I am just not feeling it?"

It is most perturbing, it has never happened before. But after a little thought, I have concluded that perhaps it's not at all surprising.

With so much on our plates right now, my head has concluded that something has to give, as my heart is being directed elsewhere and so maybe it needs to let something go.

But I am not letting go of Christmas, oh no far from it. No head I wont listen to you, my heart is surely big enough to fit everything in.

So 8th December it is decreed, stop being a bloody bah humbug and do your best girl.

So I did and I have.

Take my hand and come with me and creep along the hall
Hush! Step very softly, lets make no noised at all
Peep into the sitting room, oh what a pretty sight
The tree all shining in the magic of the moon's white light

Happy Christmas one and all, my last Crimbo in Blighty for a while. Rather than let my head rule my heart, my heart will rule my head instead as ever and so I decree.............................


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