Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Where the hell have you been? Bloody Australia?

Sincere apologies about the lack of blog for anyone who is even mildly interested.

Ha ha you had forgotten all about it hadnt you? You might have assumed I had too, but I hadnt. I have almost had too much to blog about, if that is possible.

It's true, brain racing faster than any fingers could type and not enough creative concentration to pin anything down.

It's full on, the roller coaster has reached its full ascent and we are now in free fall, looping the loop, no going back.

If you were at the greyhound track it would be a case of "the hare is on the move!"

Or if you were one of the wonderful penguins at Melbourne Aquarium, then you would say we were on the slide.

Indulge me in some "gorge" pics of the Penguins!

"Do not disturb" awww!
Proud Mama!
They were my favourite! As for the Octopus..................

he wasnt gifted with the pretty stick but I did tell him he is very tasty, in a garlic, panfried kind of way. Did you know the chap has 9 hearts or is that 9 brains? 9 something anyway - impressive I thought.

.... and so it is that I become so easily destracted and diverted from the task in hand, which is? I have no idea.

We are definitely moving to Melbourne. Our England home is on the market and our Australian one is still being elusive but its out there.

It's all under control Captain! The Hubster is out there right now, a man on a mission and truly on the case.

............and a bit of Melbournian street art sums it all up completely.

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