Sunday 11 August 2013

Kale - the dog named after a leafy, green vegetable!

The time felt right to rescue another.

Besides, we've always had two.

I worried that our life with Radders would be irrevocably disrupted. Lets face it, we 3, were very happy just as we were.

But one day I had the calling and I couldn't ignore it. I got onto the rescue websites and was instantly catapulted into that world where, the only way out was with a waggy tailed, four legged friend in tow.

"This time I will be sensible"

Hubster gave me one of his smiles.

"This time lets have a medium dog or a little dog, so much more practical"

Hubster's enigmatic smile once more.

Then up popped "Bruce" and my heart pounded in my chest and all previous rationale went out of the window.

Well who am I kidding? We are just big dog, sight hound people. Love em, have always loved em, we know how they tick. Here was a 6 month old baby with a hard luck story, the gentlest and loving of ways, soppy, forlorn eyes and .............bang the hammer came down.

Bruce came home with us.

On the journey home Bruce became Kale. Bruce sounded too much like an Aussie cliché and it actually didn't suit him. (in our humble opinion)

He's underweight, he is constantly hungry but that is easily sorted. He is a total cuddle monster, so big and yet still very much a baby.

Radish embraced him like a long lost brother and the connection was instant.

Hey I think we have done the right thing here.

Our love is instant, full flowing and unconditional and it comes right back to us.

First night done, no whimpering, crying. No messes, no chewing. No anxiety.

I reckon Radders had a word. "Stick with these pair mate and you'll be right"



When we come home, a true Aussie will be on the plane back with us.

He is beautiful and I know we did the right thing and who could ask for a better "souvenir" from our amazing experience Down Under.

Welcome to family TJ Kale.

Kale would like to thank his foster mummy Lynda and family and all at Starting Over Dog Rescue for giving him the chance to land on his paws.

We thank you too.



  1. We met Kale (when he was 'Bruce') and instantly knew how lovely he was. But it wasn't the right time, and he didn't come home with us.
    I was sad then, but am very happy now, that he has found the right family - as well as a furry friend and mentor!
    Best wishes, all!

    1. Thank you Meron. I assure you, he will have a happy life and a good home. Are you still looking? The sure thing about all this, there is always a dog out there needing a home and our love. Feel free to check in anytime on progress. Thanks for posting.

  2. A beautiful boy Kale is Debbie and what a lucky boy he is with his new family, it's a two way thing and he must have felt your love straight away, it was meant to be xxxx happy, happy, HAPPY!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    1. Thank you gorgeous Chellie. The love was instant, that always amazes me, how you can go to zero to besotted in seconds and commit yourselves to their love and care for life without a backward look. He's fab xxxxxx

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  4. He looks just like our dog Sir Galahad who we also rescued through Starting Over Dog Rescue.. unfortunately a snake killed him a few weeks ago and we're devastated. I remembered seeing Kale on the FB page and came to look at him to be reminded of love. Kiss him every day!! xx