Monday, 26 August 2013

Mountain Ducks!

Until now we had not explored the area of Victoria north of Melbourne. Often known as the high country for obvious reasons, The Grampians appealed.

What was more appealing was the fact that we were able to find dog friendly accommodation and it was very exciting for us to be able to take our "boys" on their first trip away together.

However, given the size of our 8 paws, the journey was now a 2 car operation.

I went on ahead with the boys and Hubster followed up the rear a few hours later with all our supplies for the weekend.

After almost a 4 hour drive. I arrived at Mountain Duck cottage.

The sat nav directions seemed endless, turn onto Ballarat Road for 87km, turn right onto Glenelg Highway for 153km!!! We passed through many sleepy, outback townships with nothing more than a small grocers, (maybe a bar) and a rundown petrol station with one pump.

The cottage was beautiful, a cosy retreat set amongst giant Red Gum Trees and totally enclosed with grounds large enough for our two boys to run amok.

Radders - born to be an Aussie porch dog!

It was a real home from home and when I got the call from Hubster that he was just 20 minutes away, I lit the wood fire and opened the wine.

Our few days here were very simple.

We enjoyed lazy lie-ins listening to the birds. They were incredible; Kookaburra, Blue Wrens, Rosellas, Cockatoos, Gallas and Parakeets and of course the beautiful Mountain Ducks.

Tucked into delicious cooked breakfasts expertly prepared by the Hubster.

Chilled on the porch reading and/or playing with the boys.

Sorry Kale, looks like I am garrotting the poor lad.


Boys in play

....and at rest.
Strolled through the heathland, by the river or drove out to the hills mid morning.


Paid a visit to the local outback pub, the Bunyip Hotel, rude not to and such a step back in time, we loved it.

Hunkered down in the afternoon with a wood fire, some old films on TV, snoozes and snuggles.

Relaxed on the porch early evening listening to the more gentle warble of the bird evening song.

I am proud I got my stick.....

...keeping guard of my stick

Kale on sentry duty like a giant Meerkat

Prepared and polished off some simple, home fare for dinner and snuggled down some more.

And where was I in this cosy picture of domestic bliss?

Draw your own conclusions but I was perfectly content.

Absolutely everything we hoped it would be and our boys were a joy.

Again, again, again! Thank you Mountain Duck Cottage. We hope to get back in the Summer when we can swap the wood fire for BBQ's on the porch.


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