Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spring has sprung!

Silly season is upon us once more.

1st September, first day of Spring and Melbourne comes out of hibernation and so do the thongs (flip flops!)


The weather is mighty fine.

Parks, beaches and cafes are brimming. Cycle lanes are thronging with "mamils" and the dog beach is in full bark once more.

It is a beautiful day and it is also Aussie Father's Day to boot.

Buzz, buzz buzz.

We were out early with the boys on the beach.

We got out on the bikes for a linky lonky lunch and felt joyous that the fine weather was with us once more.


Enjoyed a fantastic seafood lunch at Claypots and spotted Aunty Gok (Wan) in town (how he will love St Kilda). Very cool.

Then home for play with my boys.

TOP TOP Day Chez T-J.

Spring has sprung.


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