Monday, 9 September 2013

Super 6

Coming down from a celebratory and fun weekend.

Our 6th wedding anniversary felt like a bit of a milestone given that we only reached our 5th in our first marriage.

Confused? In a nutshell, married, divorced, remarried.

We enjoyed cocktails and posh nosh on Saturday night. So nice to pop on a dress and a pair of sling backs.

On Sunday we booked ourselves on the Colonial Restaurant Tram for lunch. If you live in Melbourne - do it!  Don't think it is so touristy that it must be naff. Not one bit of it, it was great. This time Tripadvisor was spot on.

It's unique, the only place in the world that does this. The lunch was delicious, your drink of choice, free flowing and the waiters were both brilliant and funny as hell.

It takes a lot for someone to get me to burst into song in a carriage full of people! Joe our Italian/Aussie waiter was pure comedic gold and a fine baritone to boot.

It was also a fantastic way of seeing the City, yes it does look different and you do take in more and Hubster and I loved every minute.

We shared some real giggles during our 2 hour trip, which passed way too quickly.

Again, again. Yes we will definitely do it again. Next time the city at night.

It was a top anniversary although we are definitely foodied and bubbled out!

6 years is Iron and I am so happy to say that we are as strong as.


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