Saturday 31 December 2011

A New Year Letter to Me

Dear 8 year old me
Take a chance & dont let go, risk everything knowing in the end you lose nothing, don't worry about anything anymore, cry in the rain and speak up, say what you want and love who you want ...  but most of all be yourself and not what people want to see, never blame anyone if you get hurt because you took the rise & you decided who was worth your while. ♥ 

Its 2012 in just one hour and you know, you are ok, more than in fact. What a journey girl! Hold tight there is more to come, you never thought it for one minute did you? But you are having a life you could never have imagined, the good and the crap too. Its part of that tapestry you know and I know you understand that now. The Yin and the Yang is the Circle of life.

This is your mid life Chapter, lets hope to reflect back in our 90's when we really dont give a monkeys and batty is ultra cool.

Love 42 year old me! xxx


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