Monday, 4 February 2013


Mary was quite exhausted by the time I scooped her up at the airport and it was a relief to see her arrive safe and sound.

I was quite emotional, as ever it is always the friends and family you miss the most and just the thought of seeing Mary walk through those sliding doors into the arrivals hall was making me teary.

When you have guests you become a tourist yourself once more. Doing all the touristy things you wouldn't normally do.

The pace was genteel, impossible to cover everything, so we picked a few things and did them well and it was cherished and precious time, with plenty of stops for endless chats.

So much to catch up on.

Here are some of the beautiful scenes we shared during our 5 nights together.



Can you spot me?


With friends over time you cross the slopes of despair, you share trodden trails paved with tears, you share anger, fear and dismay but what you truly remember is the laughter and the good times you have shared.
............and the love. Love is all that matters. Truly.


  1. Halcyon days, looks wonderful, so pleased you had a super time, also, has Radish grown or is it just the camera angle? xxx

    1. Pauline, Radish has grown, he has put on 3kg of solid muscle from ploughing through the sand and water and swimming of course. No way I would attempt to pick him up now! xxx