Friday, 22 November 2013

Blue Mountains

When Hubster said that he was going to a conference in the Blue Mountains for 3 days, I thought, well that sounds like a place I need to see.

The Blue Mountains are north east of Sydney about 1.5 hours drive, so in Oz terms, not far at all!

They are so called because of the dense forests of Eucalyptus trees covering the mountains which gives the whole range a mystical blue hue.

Quite enchanting.

So whilst Hubster was waving a laser pen at a white board in a conference room somewhere, I got out and about.

I made my way down to Echo Point and the vista was quite spectacular. The weather was just perfect. I walked out to the 3 Sisters rock formation and all the way down the eye watering steep Giant's Stairway, oh and all the way back up again - a 2km round trip.

The 3 Sisters

My nerves were like jelly on the descent and my legs were like jelly on the ascent! It really was steep and I am not so good with heights.

Disappointing picture - it doesn't look steep at all

All around were huge flocks of white and black cockatoos, squawking loudly and looking extremely busy, I chose to concentrate on those instead of looking down too much.

I then started to take a walk over to the Katoomba Falls but I was beaten back by the invasion of Japanese tourists! Madding crowds are just not my thing so I retreated to a coffee shop and did a bit of browsing around the curiosity/antique shops instead.

Mum look what I found for you!

The following day I went to a place called Scenic World. I got there early before the tour buses arrived. It all centred around 2 cable car rides and the steepest railway ride in the world. Although quite touristy it was extremely well done and the views of the rain forest canopy, the mountains and the falls were quite breath taking.

I was asked to announce the departure!

I was out of there by 11.30am just as the invasion began once more.

I then made my way to Leura,  a super little chocolate box town teeming with all those quaint little shops crammed with all that is quirky and slightly eccentric.

It called for a few hours of languorous "linky-lonky" browsing and coffee of course!

A few Christmas presents were purchased, so for you lovely folk back home, if you are reading this, Mrs T-J has not forgotten you this year.


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