Thursday 17 October 2013

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then we'll begin.............

Hubster's big 50th birthday road trip all started in Broome, on the west coast of Australia, as I write it already seems an age ago. Broome; famous for it's pearl industry and camel rides!

I can now say that the whole trip was a roller coaster of jaw dropping awesomeness and tear jerking challenge at times (the latter being me not hubster).

Australia is huge, it's hugeness cannot be comprehended unless seen with your own eyes. It is also one of the harshest environments on the planet, knocked Africa right off the top spot without a by your leave - even without the predators.

We picked up the van, a converted Toyota Landcruiser, it was a serious bit of kit and we familiarised ourselves with how everything worked. We stocked up on provisions and arranged our space in the van. Everything has a place.

Organisation is key to avoiding rapid descent into "van chaos", an occasion where having OCD really is an advantage.

Being old hats at this we had it down pat pretty quickly giving us time to saunter off for a sunset camel ride along the famous Cable Beach.

Aslan, our camel had a beautiful pout I thought.
Oh and a rather lovely black pearl ring was purchased

One thing for certain is that there is no room whatsoever for vanity on this trip. Neat hair and mascara? Forget it.

Nothing beats the first cuppa of the day - wherever you are.
Your hierarchy of needs change very quickly:

*  keeping cool and sun screen protected
*  keeping sufficiently hydrated
*  keeping the insect bites at bay

The latter became a war for me, even when you think every precaution has been taken, these tenacious little biters find a way. They particularly wanted to eat me and at times I was a mass of sore, itchy blisters.

In some areas we camped, it got so bad extreme measures had to be taken.

Note the shoe laces around the bottom of my trousers, the little blighters would even go up my trouser legs and the very fetching mossie net head gear. "I told you, you are a tasty bit of stuff!" hubster would say to placate a very frustrated wife!

My arms and legs were equally as attractive!
Still I never felt down for long and ultimately camp life was a whole heap of fun. Hubster was in his element in the galley and he rustled up some lovely dinners and breakfasts and he was a master at keeping sure there were always a few "cold ones" in the fridge. Those cold ones were like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after a very long day's drive.

Our first stop was in Cape Leveque, a beautiful peninsula 220km north of Broome. The coast here really is stunning and on reflection was a highlight of our trip. Had we been aware of the Robinson Crusoe like huts on the beach then we would have bagged one of those for a few nights.
Whilst in camp we had a visit from Mr Lizard. Was he highly poisonous? Of course he was, this is Australia.



Stunning sunset at Cape Leveque



  1. Amazing you are so lucky to have seen this. Can't wait for future installments x

  2. Love it, apart from the creepy crawlies!