Thursday 26 September 2013

Some dreams take a while!

25 years ago Hubster was in Australia. He waited on tables and drove and back packed his way around vast swathes of this immense country.

However, time did not allow for him to explore the Northern Territory and so it became a dream of his to do so one day.

The Northern Territory is the true home of the Aboriginal peoples, those indigenous to this beautiful place, the real heritage of this country. It is the most wild and raw landscape in Australia.

When we were given the opportunity to move to here, the seed planted some 25 years ago was fertilised once more in Hubster's mind.

The DREAM was then given a date. Hubster's 50th birthday celebrations, October 2013.

So it was no longer a dream, it became a GOAL.

Broken down that goal soon became a PLAN.

A plan of many hours in the making and now the DREAM is coming true.

Broome to Darwin in 16 days.

This will be our home, our sustenance and our means of travel during this time.

Toyota Landcruiser Challenger Camper

This is the distance we will be covering, some 2500 km with much off road.

A-J Broome to Darwin

Dreams do come true, its just that some can take a while.

Never give up on them though hey?

Happy 50th Birthday to my wonderful husband. How blessed I feel to be sharing this journey with him, sharing a dream he conceived before we had even met.

See you later alligator, in a while crocodile. (we are sure to see plenty of the latter apparently there is a proliferation of "salties" this year!)



  1. What an amazing adventure! Don't need to say 'make the most of it' because I know you will.

  2. An amazing adventure for an amazing couple glad to hear hubster finally achieving his dream enjoy it cuz and take lots of pics xx