Tuesday 11 June 2013

Longitude 131 Degrees

There will be a few blog entries on our weekend to Uluru. When I look back I don't want to forget a thing.

Yes, 24 years ago when Hubster was here it was a very different place. A bit of a tourist rat run for gap year back packers and hippy types. Tents and camper vans were littered all around the base of the rock and hawkers were peddling tacky souvenirs.

Above the din of the madding crowd however, people still remarked on the spiritual like calm that washes over you here.

Today all that crazy stuff is gone and the land all around Uluru is back in the hands of Mother Nature and how very beautiful it is.

The nearest tourist accommodation is some 15km away and that is where we stayed - Longitude 131 degrees.

When we arrived we were quite in awe.

The "tents" in reality are beautifully appointed luxury apartments with Bose surround sound, WiFi, fully stocked fridges and Nespresso coffee machines! About as far removed from camping as you could get.

An extract from my diary kind of sums this place up and all it entails.

"Snuggled down in the crisp white linen of the king sized bed we succumb to the serene and silent sleep of the desert.

Above the canopy of our palatial "tent" is a greater canopy, sparkling endlessly in the night sky. Constellations brimming with Anangu tales and stories. Here, you dream the rich dreams found only in the heart of such a sacred and powerful place.

As the sun rises Uluru drenches you with it's fabled light which dances over the rock in countless shades of pink and purple, orange and red.

It is hard to tear yourself away from your personal seclusion here but the draw to explore this extraordinary land is irresistible, even at 5.30am!

Here, you are exposed to an expansive landscape teeming with life and ancient culture and traditions of the Anangu people.

You are humbled, rejuvenated and stimulated but most of all you feel liberated and your soul takes flight"


Longitude 131 is a unique destination, in a unique place, take a peek here. Another dream come true and if you have not been and you now feel inspired to, then add it to your list.

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