Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mornington Peninsula

It was the last day of Hubster's lovely, long Christmas break. It's been so good having him around and he did some great "needs-a-man" jobs during the time off too!

On Monday, we decided to minimise that "back to school" feeling and get out and about.

A most gorgeous 30 degrees and we headed towards Mornington but not to the coast like everyone else.

Forever shy of crowds, we drove into the beautiful country side to find it was peaceful and quiet and traffic free.

We virtually had the vineyards to ourselves.

We spent a linky lonky day, pottering here and there and found a super spot for lunch with beautiful views.

We dined at Salix, a restaurant at Willow Creek winery and thoroughly enjoyed a platter of smoked ocean trout.

As ever a few wee bottles were purchased to replenish a few gaps in the wine rack.

Pink Claw by the Yabby River Vineyard.

Delicious and light and $5 from each bottle sold goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Well worth buying half a case then.

This was our last day of indulgence for the morrow would bring modest consumption in all manner of things and exercise would be stepped up once more.

All in all we really did make the best of the break and had a great time a deux and with our boy.


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