Wednesday, 19 December 2012

"Ausome" Auckland

I was very excited about this trip to the "City of Sails" which is a very apt reference as I have never seen so many yachts in one place. It surely has to be one of the biggest marinas in the world.


I remember seeing a Michael Palin programme set in Auckland and noting how beautiful it was.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the chance to visit.

Once again it was on my Dad's list and once again I felt he was with me perched on my shoulder.

Hubster has got quite used to me muttering to myself as we see the sights, he knows I'm talking to Dad.

We stayed in the Hilton which has the best location of any hotel in the City. We had a harbour view room with a huge balcony, it was perfect.

I love this city because it is real. As well as the swanky bars, harbour side restaurants and real estate there is a very active working port. Among the luxury sails are tug boats, freight and cargo ships toing and froing busily.

The weather was a very pleasant 25 degrees and as usual we packed a lot into our weekend. The sky tower gave us incredible views over the City but I wasn't brave enough to stand on the glass floor - it's a long way down!

As ever we enjoyed some fabulous seafood and delicious wines not to mention some of the most plump and juicy oysters I've ever had.

We took a ferry out to the surrounding Islands of Devenport and Waiheke and were stunned by their beauty.

Waiheke was breathtaking boasting no less than 30 vineyards nestled in its undulating landscape. The wine tasting was sublime.


I love these little voyages of discovery that we share together. It gives me so much pleasure to see my Hubster relax and kick back and I just love hanging out with my best friend. We laugh and talk, we tease each other, well actually Hubster teases me relentlessly and I treasure these carefree times just for "us".

It was a truly magical weekend and our love affair with New Zealand is in full throes and on our last evening we were presented with this beautiful sunset.
PSSST.... I'm saving the best till last. We ONLY saw a Kiwi, in the scrub on Waiheke Island. These birds are so shy and elusive and mostly nocturnal that even New Zealanders admit to only ever seeing one in a zoo. How special was that? I admit to having tears!

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