Monday, 24 December 2012

Cinema Under the Stars

Today, 23rd December, was the hottest of the year so far, clocking 39 degrees and not a breath of wind.

We stumbled across a fabulous farmers market at St Kilda and admittedly made some sympathy purchases on the basis that these poor people were melting whilst selling their wares.

A kilo of organic black cherries $10 - bargain. They are $40 a kilo in the supermarket.

We then did the supermarket shop.

Smoked salmon, avocados, mangoes, cheeses, pate, smoked duck, pickles and chutneys and all sorts of delicious delectables and luxury things that you only allow yourself to indulge in at Christmas.

No chocolate however, how incredibly restrained of us.

That evening we got on our bikes and hit the beach front. At 7.30 it was still 30 degrees and the beach was buzzing with family gatherings and cool box (Esky) picnics, BBQ's and games of volley ball. Many were wearing santas hats or reindeer antlers.

We headed towards the open air cinema on the beach front at St Kilda. We had "Gold" tickets which entitled us to a great view, a huge comfy bean bag and some free Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

We took a flask of chilled wine, shared a mini fish & chips and listened to a guy with a great voice on an acoustic guitar entertain whilst the auditorium filled.

It was a beautiful evening, the sun slowly ebbed away and we sank back into our bean bags to watch a great film, The Intouchables.

We rode home at about 11pm, the front was still now, all the families had gone, there were just a few groups of young people and young lovers sat on the sand watching the gentle waves lap at the water's edge. One group had a bubble pipe - how very St Kilda.

Well this certainly isn't our usual run up to Christmas Day, it was however one that will live long in our memory. I think I could just be getting into the swing of this "Aussie" Christmas after all.

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