Tuesday 3 May 2011

Sark Part I - Wild Flower Paradise

Many havent heard of it, even less have ever been there.
The island of Sark is arguably the least known and least visited of the Channel Islands.

The fact that the only means of transport is by foot, bicycle, tractor or horse and carriage, make it totally enchanting and a step back in time.

Just 600 people live on Sark and the Island is just 3 miles long by 1 mile wide. Talk to any of the Islanders and they are as captivated by the raw beauty and as passionate and proud about it's heritage as any visitor could be.

Any Month on Sark is a wonderful sight as it is an ever changing picture. However, May sees the hedgerows, meadows and woodlands awash with wild flowers of such infinte beauty it would be hard for anyone not to be moved.
Wild bluebells - EVERYWHERE!

With no cars and virtually no pollution, Sark is one of the few remaining unspoilt islands in the western world.

Each Spring, the island comes alive in a blaze of blue, pink and white as the spectacular wild flowers dominate the coastal paths and headlands

A golden blaze of yellow gorse swathes the headlands.

The hedgerows teem with White Campion and Blue Bells and of course......

..... the fabulous Wild Garlic. I didnt recognise the flower, mistaking it for a White Bell, but oh my goodness you know its there. The soft aroma of garlic floods your nostrils in waves as you stroll down the lanes and through the meadows. It is not as strong as bulb garlic and you use the flowers and stems just as you would use chives. I smuggled some home with me!!

Whilst we were there, there was the small matter of a very fine Royal Wedding. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Your day was as wonderful to watch as our joy was on being here, once more, on little, old Sark.


  1. Heavenly. I can see why you love it.


  2. Looks amazing and peace personified xxx

  3. I can only dream of such peace & tranquility!