Friday 24 June 2011

It's a massacre!

The dog walk started out well enough. I am blessed enough to live in a place with beautiful rolling fields close by. They are full of wheat at present.

Quite a sight and the hedgerows are teeming with meadow flowers and elderflower, wild honeysuckle, blackberry, cow parsley and glorious poppies to name just a few.

It is a delight and I revel in the lush swathes of flora in all its viscous shades of green and all its delicate scents. A haven for birds and a playground for butterflies, insects and bees.

However as I hung a left at the top of the second field, my eyes became wider and wider and an uncomfortable churning began to fill my chest cavity.

................... only a total maniac could have done it. A complete massacre. Radish was also most bemused, he knows every twist, turn and undulation of the path we walk everyday.

He kept looking back at me as if to say, "what the hell Mummy?"

What the hell indeed. The hedgerows have been cleared, why they needed to be I do not know. The exisitng path was perfectly adequate but I digress. IF there was any purposeful or logical reason to do this then WHY such butchery?

Where is the care and respect for these wonderful trees that have resided over these fields for decades if not centuries? Why have they been literally torn apart and strewn with such ferocious bellicosity? Many of these trees will now die and that breaks my heart,

As I plodded yards and yards through the debris, my heart became heavier and heavier. Around me were burning funeral pires of healthy trees, wonderful sloe and blackberry bushes and god knows how many fledgling birds nests were destroyed.

Please Mother Nature be quick to reclaim as much of your territory as you can!

I know you bear horrendous scars now, but I wont abandon you because you dont look pretty anymore, instead Radders and I will walk your path with soothing footsteps everyday, business as usual because thats what stoicism does.


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