Saturday, 25 June 2011

A time of adjustment

Radish does miss his big brother. I feel I am a poor replacement for the old fella right now but I think there is an understanding and Radish and I know we will soon sort that out. We have turned to eachother for comfort and thats what families do.

The big fella always protected his puppy brother from a young age
Our walks have taken on a different beat. The gait is quicker, more ground is covered and the chance to discover terrain that the old fella would have found impossible is available to us.

Still protecting puppy even though pup has outgrown him!!
However, we miss that old fella on our walks, bringing up the rear and taking time out to have a good old sniff. "Slow down you young 'uns, appreciate the little things will you? You know the little things are really the big things" his expression would plea.

Too right Sparks, a simple pleasure and joy for him was taking in the sweet scent of the grass still heavy with the morning dew, how he loved to bury his nose deep in the blades.

Still we both know, Sparks would want us to get on with it, life goes on, appreciate those little things. He led by exuberant example and so we are going to follow it. On today's walk we had a brilliant stick throwing session.

and of course.........a stream to cool off.

It will take us a while old boy, but in your memory we will do our level best to inject as much fun, frolics and frippery as we can. And I know you would approve.
Forever a winner Chez T-J, I give you our beautiful Sparky, Best Veteran 2010 xxx

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