Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It's a paradox!

"I've been here 16 years now" she said "and I still haven't got used to it"

It's true. When you have been conditioned all your life to the traditions of chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost nipping at your nose (or is it toes? Both no doubt), it really messes with your head when it's 35 degrees and you are doing battle with the air conditioning.

But this day I was determined to head into the City and see what Melbourne had to offer to convince me of signing up as a fully fledged supporter of Christmas in the sun.

It was 35 degrees. Sunblocked up, loose cotton dress and flip flops on I set out on my mission.

By the time I walked the 7 minutes to the train station the lining of my dress was sticking to my legs and I was willing the train with its air con carriages to arrive.

I alighted and wandered along the river bank seeking the shade of the trees and as I took the steps up onto the bridge I could see the heat rising like shimmering steam off the pavements.

Nope. No jingle bells or dashing through the snow inklings for me yet but lets be optimistic and crack on I thought.

The sight of children visiting Santa in shorts and sundresses was quite challenging as was the thought of Santa passing out through heat exhaustion and dehydration!

The tree was lovely however and I imagine quite spectacular at night......

..... and the Elf seemed to be enjoying her job.

Sun or snow, the magic of Christmas is still clear to see looking at the children gazing into the department store windows (shorts and sundresses - whatever).
Regardless, for us it will be different, we will make the best of it because that's what we do but we will certainly be missing this lot this year along with our many other friends and family!

.........oh and mum's roasties and Christmas Pud! (weep!)


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