Sunday, 23 September 2012

1000 Steps

Sunday morning and up at 6am to drive out to the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, to climb the Kakoda 1000 steps.

Apart from a bit of intermittent ski fitness, I don't think I have ever focused on a proper fitness drive before. Mind you as middle age creeps on I realise it's probably not wise to just "wing" it any more!

It's a big mountain and it's only 2 weeks away.

The steps are a memorial to the Australians who died along the Kakoda Trail in Papua New Guinea during World War II. Always amazes me what the human spirit will endure. Quite a story.

As the name suggests, there are 1000 stony and deep steps that lead to the popular One Tree Hill. It is not an easy task by any means, many really struggle and others make it look ridiculously easy, but it does feel good when you get to the top.

1.8km up and down and I did it in 35 minutes, don't know if that's good or not but I know I gave it some welly.

"hmm that didn't take long, what shall I do now?" I thought

"I know, I'll do it all again!"

I did as well. Numpty!

It was stunning scenery in the rain forest with the kookaburras, rosellas and cockatoos all squawking encouragement, the native flora and fauna kept me interested and the strong scent of eucalyptus kept my mind alert.

Back home and showered, I am now waiting for Hubster to come off the golf course and fire up the BBQ.

I feel like I have earned ever morsel today.

Hubster has bought a BBQ gadget for roasting whole chickens.

The explanatory leaflet suggests you cook it with a "tinnie" in the middle of it! The aluminium cooks from the inside and the evaporating beer adds moisture and flavour.

Roasted veggies in the bottom and job done. Delicious.

Admittedly the "tinnie" was a proper gimmick and a waste of a good beer aka Hubster.

As a final flourish to our weekend we headed down to the beach to throw sticks for the boy and see the sun go down.

"My Boys"

Just me and my boys and it doesn't matter where I am in the world, happiness is; wherever and whenever we are together.


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