Monday 12 March 2012

It's still home

Stone walls do not make a prison, nor iron bars a cage.

Yes that is true; and something more I find, sumptuous antiques and gilded walls can never make a home either.

Well its not quite as we knew it but it's still home. A house where love abides and friendship is a guest is still surely a home.

....and that will always be the case - wherever we are.

Radders temporary bedding situation!

No Mama, you might just have to explain this one to me again, I am not impressed.
Our 9th move in 17 years! You would think we might be used to it by now wouldn't you?

Simple answer is, no, its always a tough process.

But none as dramatic and so long drawn out as this one. Oh yes we had to go the whole hog didn't we?

Lets just how see how big a move we can do this time? God help us if they do create a living habitat on the moon!

I am beginning to apologise in answer to that question:

"Haven't you gone yet?"

"Sorry no we haven't but it wont be long now!"

But it really isn't long now. Two weeks today in fact. Two weeks! (well less than a week for the Hubster)

The first one arrived in the post this morning. Goodbye, hmm no, we don't like that but

Toodle Pip?

Bon voyage?

Yes we can cope with those can't we?

Really relishing the garden, hosting the last of British spring times we will enjoy for a little while.

The plum blossom is particularly lovely.

The fish have woken up too after their long sleep during the winter months

I might let Hubster break the news

Remember where love abides and friendship is a guest, is all that's ever required

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