Friday 16 March 2012

The time has come...the little bird is about to take flight!

Today is my birthday, 42 big uns!

Its a strange one.

Hubster has been squirrelling away my birthday cards all week so I had a lovely and surprising clutch to open in bed this morning.

However, among the birthday ones, we had Bon Voyage ones too. So heartfelt and special words....

There were tears.

There was this one, beautiful words, inside the card too but they are for my eyes only.

So true and it resonated so much with me.

I recall that little bird started tweeting about 3 years ago to be honest.

You see I am not really a routine kind of gal I have decided. Definitely not your "Fish on a Friday and cottage pie on a Wednesday" every week sort at all.

I love spontaneous most of all and if I feel things are getting too samey, I start to feel trapped and a tad rebellious (in a non-anarchic way)

Anyway when my inner bird started getting restless, I threw some thoughts up to the universe.

Time for a little change me thinks, what do you reckon you lot up there?


And so it is and here we are.

That little bird is now squawking like a native Ozzie Cocatoo. Let me at em!

Will you share our adventure too? xxx

Breaking the no pressie rule, Hubster bought me some beautiful Australian Opal earrings. Chuffed to little pieces really and happy that he broke the rules, thats why we make 'em eh?

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