Wednesday 29 February 2012

A taste of things to come

Less than a month to go now until our antipodean adventure begins... I keep trying to think of the life that lies ahead.

Goodbye rural idyll, hello city living. I feel like we are doing this turn about face. Dont you do the city living in your sapling years and the rural kind in your maturing ones? Well never one for convention, this is how it's going to be.

The shipping company arrive next week to pack up our belongings and pop them in seafaring container. Just one insignificant little box among hundreds on a vessel like this. Could take 3 months to reach us. The most travelled leather sofas in the world!

There is much to do to get us there still and there is of course the ongoing matter of finding a home!

We could be there though, but I am not divulging too much, after 2 failed attempts there will be no joyous domicile declarations until the ink has dried..................


if all goes to plan, this could be the view we have from the balcony.

Its only an ikkle picture because I only want to whisper it under my breath..............just in case

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