Wednesday 19 October 2011

So when does it feel real?

The book arrived. I suppose the T-shirt is probably next.

Thumbed through it, daunted, closed it.

The "Pet Exportation Company" has now been chosen. One piece of the puzzle in place.

Been sourcing information from friends and the net as fast as moss gathers on stone. Narrowed down the places I want to house hunt on our reccy in 2 weeks time. Emphasis on the "I" you notice.

It's Autumn here, it's Spring there, all that is here is the opposite there.

Everyone I have spoken to have told me how much we will love it. Some say, probably wont come back even.

The man decorating our bedroom is making the most beautiful job of it. For someone else to enjoy, how odd.

My Sister has asked if she can have the ceramic blue ornament in the garden.

All I want to know is at what point does this all begin to feel real?

Any ideas anyone?

1 comment:

  1. Probably when you've had the 'holiday' and realise it's not time to come back! However Deb, I know i will get to see lot's of pic's of Melbourne, where i was born.Siobhan x