Monday 24 October 2011

Certainly no empty promise!

Dear Muckers!

Its the Radders here, wooo what a weekend that was.

I mean I thought Rutland Water by the Sea was pretty fabulous but then Poppa said he would take me to the best seaside place in the world. He promised, in fact.

I stood at the top of the cliff and I was trembling with excitement. "Look at the camera Radders" Poppa implored, but I just couldnt, impossible, just couldnt take my eyes off it!

"Just lose the lead Poppa!"

Hey Muckers, allow me to show off a bit here but you got to agree this is definitely the ultimate in seaside places dont you think? Momma says its called Rhosilli Bay, on the Gower Peninsula, well names mean nothing to me, just let me at it.

The bestest beach in the World!
Any minute now I thought, I am going to lose that lead and I am going to run like the wind, feel the wind through my fur, the sand between my toes and explode into a combustion of pure joy and excitement!

"Dont step in the puddles!"

" dont stop me now, I'm havin a good time, I'm havin a ball....coming at ya"!

Momma says a walk on a beach is beautiful but with a dog its heaven!

Muckers you need to have a word with the parents, the beach is where its at and at the end of the day when your limbs are weary, you can carry on running in your dreams.

Dreaming my dreams away with  Momma!

Sam Hound, Dyl Bob, Dusty and Monts, if I could have sent a post card it would have said:

Wish you were Here!

Chummy bum sniffs as ever, The Radders

P.S Momma insisted I posted this picture, she says I look windswept and handsome. Whatever!!!

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