Sunday 9 October 2011

I knew you so well in a previous life!

We arrived at the racecourse in York to celebrate the Hubster's birthday. It was a grey drizzly day but that did not dampen the punter's spirits. The ladies were all in their finery, sky high heels, feathery fascinators and bottle tanned limbs in abundance.

I was, well frumpy to say the least, in my practical, yet instantly forgettable autumnal woolly jumper and corduroy skirt!

The only sparkling thing in this outfit was the glass of pink bubbles in my hand.

But I digress for this day was to be no ordinary day in terms of my life experience so far.

As we arrived at the hospitality suite a lady walked towards us to greet us. Our first words were such:

"I know you", I said. But I didn't.

"I know you too", she said. But she didn't.

We stood for a few seconds looking searchingly into each others eyes with a compelling and mutual sense of complete familiarity.  Gareth looked on the exchange most perplexed.

Not only was there instant familiarity but there was affection too. I fought off the urge to reach out and hug this complete stranger!

We went on to explore the possibilities of how we could know each other. All led to the same conclusion. We don't!

"Even when I spotted you walking up the stairs" she said "I thought to myself, I know this lady"

It was one of the most surreal exchanges I have every encountered with another human being. It was also a little unnerving too.

We concluded one thing, we must have known each other so well once but NOT in this life. Maybe we were best friends, Sisters, Mother or Daughter but the connection we both felt was real if unexplainable. Even my fairly nonspiritual hubby agreed that it was all a bit "other worldly".

We enjoyed a spectacular day at the races all topped off by the goose bump making performance of the Coldstream Guards Marching Band.

When our lovely day at the races was over, the lady and I said goodbye to each other and instinctively hugged like long lost friends and well, that was that! We felt no need to exchange numbers. Our time had been in another life all together.

One thing I now know for sure is that love is transcendental and I don't think I fear death quite as much now.

I wonder where and when I will see her again?

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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  1. Wow - i love that!!!
    Maybe she is part of your "Soul" Group

    Zo xx