Tuesday 19 July 2011

This time last week...........

.........it was a beautiful sunny day circa 23 degrees, cotton ball clouds and light refreshing breeze.

I bumped into another dog walker and I noticed as she approached her broad grin mirrored mine.

In unison, "isnt it a beautiful day?" we chirped as she restrained her white and black terrier. She then went on to say.

"Who couldnt appreciate a day like this, the scenery, the vista, the blue sky and the sunshine?"

"Quite, its stunning and I feel so lucky I have the time to walk my dog and appreciate it"

"Very lucky indeed" she said "I dont ever take it for granted, especially on a rainy, grey, drizzly day, you think back, it keeps you going"

One week later and we have such a day. How glad I am I took my camera out with me, this time last week.

Beans being grown for animal fodder NOT human fodder - woops!
Undulating English meadows
Which way now? Doesn't matter, all equally as lovely
Radders cutting a path through the swathes of wheat, now on the turn

Meadows sprinkled with daisies

But if it didnt rain, how could we enjoy such lush greenery as this, when the day is fine?

The English countryside is a true gem, especially mid summer.

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