Thursday 14 July 2011

Oh la la!

Yesterday on my gauntlet of Tescos, (still havent got this online shopping sussed!) you will never guess what happened?

I swerved the Walkers Sensations, the Quavers, the French Fries and the Monster Munch! Well done Mrs T-J! BUT........................

..........................I went to the choccy aisle. Yes, moi, she that eats choccy once in every 823 days.

I bought them, I ate them and I enjoyed them.

In a Grossman type voice "Lets look at the evidence"

I have no explanation but could proffer some:

1. A longing to be one of the crowd?
2. Hormones?
3. Low Blood sugar?
4. It was Wednesday?

 Today it's 14 Juillet,  Bastille Day

Vive La Revolution!!!

Rebellion and Revolution thats it, I like that idea, I feel a banner coming on:

 "Vive Les Maltesers!"

Walkers I'm going on strike, I might even march on a protest just for one day, I might just become French-aise and eat Pain au Chocolat and watch Les Miserables

Tomorrow I will repent but for today .... Je m'appelle Chantal

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