Sunday, 10 July 2011

Salad Vegetable is 1 year old today!

Happy Birthday Radish! (aka Radster, Radders, Little Rad, Puppy, Momma's Bobba {{{!}}}, the boy is quite embarassed by the latter but I never use it in front of his mates obviously)

A trip down memory lane

Puppy with the wonky ear, when did you grow up so quickly?

When was the last time I could pick you up and hold you in my arms?

How wonderful for us all, your first trip to the seaside?

And if the big fella was here I am sure he would be congratulating himself today for a first class mentoring role and puppy apprenticeship, however the bin raiding trick, wasnt on the training schedule Sparks. Clearly another agenda.

Well no birthday celebration is complete without a cake. "About time too Momma!"

Bring on that declicious concoction of sausage meat, liver, cottage cheese, pumpkin seeds and oats!

Right then Radder, who's for pass the parcel?

"oh no Momma, I couldnt, possibly couldnt, I am stuffed. Quite, quite replete hic"

"Happy 1st Birthday to me....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....."

Happy Birthday Puppy, the scruffy dog we always wanted. xxx

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