Saturday 9 July 2011

It's often said but................'s true,  there really isn't anywhere more beautiful  than the British Isles on a gorgeous Summer's day.

Sand between my toes

A room with a view!

It's perfect to cherish and relish these days and we do, only because they dont occur everyday.

Who needs to take a 9 hour flight to the Bahamas for blue skies, sun and white beaches, no-one, not on a perfect Summer's day.

Enjoy Herm Island on such a day.

Compelled to buy one, just to be 6 years old again and........................

yes I bought my shells home. Of course.

And as the sun sank into slumber, she left us with at least an hour of tantalising flaming glory, to be savoured, soothed by, mesmerised by and in awe of.

And we were, along with the inner peace derived from comfortable shared silence, shared appreciation and a very lovely rose wine, won at the Herm School Tombola! Jammy to the end my Hubster!

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