Friday, 8 July 2011

After 17 years we finally have an "our song!"

After one last walk across the cliff tops and a final stop to wave across the channel to our beautiful Island of Sark, it was time to leave the fabulous White House Hotel on Herm.

We boarded the Trident, a choppy sea, a swell of 10 feet. They had already cancelled the evening ferry. We set off on the first leg of our journey home.

I didnt look back as I knew the hard lump in my throat was just one glance back away from forming fat watery blobs on my cheeks.

The rain came. Arriving on Guernsey, Hubster knew I was a tad subdued, no words required. "Come on you" he cajoled "I'm taking you for a sharpener"

Finally settled in the White D'or Tapas and Mezze bar. Perfect, looking out at the wonderful craft in the harbour.

  • Houmus & pitta bread topped with a generous sprinkling of smoked paprika and a glug of extra virgin.
  • A little plate of sticky ribs
  • Spanish chicken and chorizo
  • Pan fried prawns and calamari with olive oil, chilli, lemon and garlic
  • 1 glass of Sancerre, 1 Corona beer with lime wedge
We were the only ones there and that was just fine. With time to kill we grazed and read our books, talked and listened to some Bruno Mars.

Then it happened, "this is my song for you"he said

"Really?" That's one of the loveliest things.

"Yes I always think of you when I hear it" he said

"Well I am always going to think of you too when I hear it in future" I said

And.........that's settled after all these years we finally have our song.

Bruno Mars : You're amazing just the way you are.

And as I continued to swoon in my reverie, Hubster got up and popped outside to put a bet on the horses. Thats him!

"Come on you" he said "Time to board the ferry, time to go home"

A bientot.

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