Wednesday 29 June 2011

Stuff em I say!


Me: " I am so sorry to have to cancel your appointment today, I have had to have my dog put down and I am too upset to treat, I hope you understand and can I offer you XYZ date as an alternative"

They: "Oh yes of course, no problem, sorry to hear that, that date will be fine"

Roll on Sunday and an email arrives.

Dear Stables Clinic

We have both thought about this and come to the conclusion that you have become unreliable and unprofessional and would like to cancel the appointments we have with you.

This is the second time you have cancelled and rearranged our appointments in recent months and we dont find it acceptable. We are sorry about the death of your dog but we really NEEDED this appointment.

Thank you for your understanding
Mr and Mrs Blah Blah

I normally would do the "professional thing" and not rise to such an email and let it float in the wind and allow Karma to do what it does.

However, I am 41, and at this age I find myself increasingly thinking, no, no I wont allow you to rebuff my hard earnt skills like that.

I will respond.

Dear Mr & Mrs Blah Blah

I am sorry to hear, after many years treating you both, that you now deem me to be unreliable and unprofessional.

However, if cancelling you for caring for my sprained wrist and mourning for my beloved pet is considered unprofessional, then yes, you are quite right.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours with another therapist more professional than me.

Kindest regards.............................................

Now then that response was unprofessional. I recognise that. However, I dont care and I will let that float on the wind...........

It's holiday time now, going to reboot and enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. Joyous now, work is finished and relished a wonderful afternoon tea and cake with friends that fill my heart with warmth and my belly jiggle with laughter................those are the things that really matter xxx

STUFF EM I say, my bouyant husband said something else!!!


  1. You go girl. What is the world coming to. I have never met anyone more professional and caring. They won't find anyone better. How totally ridiculous they had to email and couldn't talk to you like adults.

  2. They are hard hearted selfish buggers and they will be hard pressed to find a more talented, skilful and PROFESSIONAL therapist. Their loss is your gain as you can treat someone who will appreciate your gift xx

  3. Hi sis,
    I agree it's there loss and your gain. Such selfish people not deserving of your excellent and caring work and professional attitude. Stuff Em defo.
    Not like you to comment but pleased you brushed it off.
    Watch the space if you can as wont stay open long enough to notice there was a space to begin with. lol