Tuesday 28 June 2011

Never "Herm" of it!

No TV.

No internet.

Probably no mobile reception either.


Welcome to Herm, our destination for the next week, post what will no doubt be, a crazy Take That party at Wembley Stadium.

Isn't she lovely? I like to think of Island's in the feminine, she's a beaut and the epitome of the phrase "all good things come in little packages".

Just one mile long and half a mild wide. Aahhh, how dinky and sweet!

Those of you who know me well enough are now starting to wonder if you know me at all. What no action packed, mad crazy activities fit for adrenalin junkies like me? No hairing around in the air, on  the ground, under it or sea bound? What the hell are you going to do Mrs T-J, cabin fever surely?

Nope, not one bit of it. Nope I assure you not one bit at all.

Yes I do love all that adrenalin junkie stuff because I like to challenge myself and experience as much as I can in my short time on this earth.

However, nothing enthralls me or makes my heart sing more than Mother Nature in all her unadulterated beauty and that is Herm, unspoilt, natural and techno free.

Well I say nothing enthralls me more, maybe I should have said just as much as the love of a good man, gorgeous friends and loyal fur babies, great food, fab wine........................ I am just a bon viveur people!

We are staying here, The White House Hotel, why choose this lovely place?

No choice it's the only hotel, how cute and adorable is that?

And should and I say a BIG should, need more than exploring the coast line, investigating rock pools, enthuse over the flora, fauna, birdlife and insects then I could always indulge in a bit of this!

However, I dont care if I dont. Holding my book in one hand and intermittently holding Hubsters hand and a cold Spritzer in the other and Mrs T-J is one happy lady.

Just a bit miffed I have been told I may need reading glasses soon, the stealthy "creepage" of age is totally unforgiving but I aint giving in yet.

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