Sunday, 15 May 2011

In an English Country Garden Part I

The grounds of the Old Rectory at Burley would be worthy of any royal household.

The stunning gardens of Sandra and Jonathan Blaza were opened today as part of the NGS scheme. I have known Sandra for many years, having tended to her sore muscles and stiff back on numerous occasions.

"I've been doing a bit of digging" she would always say to me.

Never until today did I appreciate just how much "a little digging" really meant for her! I hope I have been adequately attentive to Sandra's  musculo-skeletal needs all this time. I certainly empathise with them more hence.

Every single bulb, plant, tree and shrub have been planted by Sandra and her husband. Every single one!

It is hard for me, someone who loves gardening and appreciates the commitment a lovely garden demands, to get my head around the fact that 15 years ago all that you see here, was pretty wild and given over to the whims of Mother Nature.

A vision and a passion mixed with a dream and dedication all bound together by bloody hard graft, and this is the result.

Let me tell you 15 years is no time at all to achieve grounds as mature as this. You could easily have believed that they had been established for centuries.

So I ventured upon the fruit and veg patch!

The walled gardens containing the abundance of fruits trees, vegetables and herbs were absolutely breathtaking, meticulous, ingenious and stunningly presented.

I was in awe, growing your own is incredibly hard work, making it look like a work of art at the same time?
Wow, wow wow.

Time for reflection on all I had seen so far, time for tea. 

Refreshed and replete, I continued my dreamy amble around the grounds of the Old Rectory, I know I had a silly smile on my face as I took in the scent of the roses and honeysuckle.

I acknowlegded the "Doesn't she look slightly bonkers?" type glances with nonchalance. Guilty as charged.

So to meet the army of gardeners who have made today happen, slaving away relentlessly for months.

Well this is 50% of it.

Congratulating Mrs Sandra Blaza and her husband Jonathan on presenting one of the most beautiful open gardens I have seen in many a year.

Sandra is one of the most gentle and humble ladies I have had the pleasure to know, if she is to read this then she will do so blushing all the way.

Thats just how she is and such an unegotistical spirit is clearly embraced by Mother Nature and this is the key to how the garden grows.

Hang on in there for Part II. It's worth the wait

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