Monday 16 May 2011

In an English Country Garden Part II

Back at the Old Rectory at Burley, I continued my rapturous amble around the grounds, finding it quite hard to take it all in.

One prevailing thought - heck this took some work and imagination.

I adore Alliums.

Bees on Chives, totally oblivious, busy as bees!

Languid trails of heady Honeysuckle nonchalantly adorning the wall of an old stone building.

And my fave veg of the moment in abundance!

I was so delighted to find the pond, I thought there had to be one somewhere and I wasn't disappointed.

Natural and unpretentious, nothing ornamental about it and as for the Koi? There weren't any. This pond belonged to Mother Nature and that seemed quite right.

Prolific array of Hostas, without a slug in sight. Quite a feat.

Can anyone help me out? I loved the yellow Ranunculus type flowers but I wasn't sure what they were exactly? Feel free to enlighten please.

Yellow peonies per chance? Yellow? Never seen yellow.

Ah ha! Was thrilled to find the Chucks in the Five Star Coup, part of the Relais Chateaux group of Hen Hotels and Michelin Star rated grain.

Well why not? I would.

Just a few minutes observation, identified the King of the Coup.

We salute you "Captain Mainwaring!"

Simply stunning, I tried my best, I could not find a weed - anywhere, no ground elder, knotweed, bindweed or any other type of weed that proves to be the bane of the garden.


Reluctantly it was time for me to meander my way back down the hill to my home in Langham.

To view my own garden, and to be thoroughly inspired to want to start all over again there and then.

Of course, I wont,  in reality, it suits my pottering/dabbling gardening ways..

However, not before I had stopped off to buy Hostas, (with a steely determination that this time the slugs wont win) and strawberry plants.

Even every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers
"Grow, Grow"
The Talmud


  1. What stunning pictures Deb, I love reading your blogs. You always were good at creative writing and funnily enough that was the lesson in which I first met you!

    Much love

    M xx

  2. Hey Maz, is it really? I dont remember that, Mr Hayden's class was it?. I do love writing it's true, glad you like it, thanks for your feedback xxx

  3. e

    Sandra has enlightened me, the yellow flowers are neither Ranunculus or Peony, but Globe Flower, they really are lovely.