Saturday, 14 May 2011

Being a girl!

My boys were settled.

Have fun Momma, miss you already!

Hubster was also catered for.

Cottage pie made with love.

No matter how old I am, there is nothing like the excited buzz I get from getting ready for a night out with my girlfriends. I just know I am going to giggle all night and a good giggle is great for heart and soul.

Silliness and mischief is de rigeur, absolutely necessary in fact.

Looking pout-tastic Dmama!

Moi? Mischievous? Never!

Dmama, Dolly and Deb, we climbed into our bubble where only we existed.

No topic was taboo, and it really wasnt!

"OOOH Dolly cant believe you just said that, we are all of a fluster!"

As friends we enjoyed eachother on a platform of equality. It was all in the moment stuff.
We wrapped ourselves up in our big blanket of mutual friendship, support and love, the kind that only girlfriends share and we let the good times roll.

Friendship is keeping the lip gloss topped up................

...................... sharing lovely wine and GREAT FOOD!

Bellissimo Dmama!

Laughter is a universally understood language, you dont have to learn it, you just have to do it.

We did it a lot, a lot.

This post started with a fur-baby and so it is fitting to end with one.

Dolly's, not mine.

Scooby- Doo has the last word:

"If you want a friend who will do as you do: cry because you cry, laugh because you laugh, jump because you jump, it would be better to spend your life looking at your own reflection in the garden pond"

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