Friday, 6 May 2011

Castle Cottage - It doesnt get more British than this

Life is full of little Pleasures; a smile, a friendly face and a lovely slice of cake!

So begins the website at Castle Cottage

Well ok I don't mind if I do.

This is my kind of place on a warm, sunny May Day. The fact that I am not supposed to be here at all is another matter.

You have to make room for the "little pleasures" and I'm sure Castle Cottage would agree.

The purpose of my visit to Oakham was for mundane things. They really have no place of a mention here at all.

I cycled in, needing liquid refreshment of the non alcoholic variety.

A long diet coke and some flowering chive and Dicentra in a jar. Perfick.

I mused, taking in the mid frequency babble of chatter,chuckles and sighs from all the tables around me.

The heady scent of lilac from the fragrant bunches hanging over head were pure aromatherapy.

Lost in reverie.

Finally after two frantic hand waves on their part, in a fluster, I acknowledged two of my friends had arrived.

Come and join us?? Eeeek those mundane tasks must be done at some point I thought.

But the tea garden "hedonistic in me" took over!

So a cuppa it was, china teacup and all that quintessentially English stuff! Love it.

Please dont take my picture? I dont take a good one! The lady protested. I had to disagree,how can you resist such a lovely smile and gorgeous home baked cake too?

I dont know the lady's name but she did have a lovely smile and I thank her for allowing me to point the lens!

Well it was time to do the mundane stuff but not without a glimpse of the final flourish

A chance at tea in the Summer House, in Oakham terms, is rarer than a suite at the Savoy!

I had one chance to take a snap before I was ousted out by Afternoon Tea hungry hunters! Dont mess with them. But with a good cause.

A gem on my doorstep.
The final flourish for my trip to CC today.

oooh ahhhh!

However, for all the Radish and Sparkster friends out there, dont you worry about their little holiday away from the blog. They are fine.
It aint heavy, he's my brother


  1. wow may have to come and visit so we can go for tea.
    love to the fur babies
    jan xxxx

  2. Welcome anytime Jan! xxx