Thursday, 5 May 2011

La Sablonnerie - worthy of a post of it's own!

With lungs full of wonderful sea air, our tummy's were rumbling in anticipation of the lobster fest ahead.

I put on a dress, Hubster gave me one of those looks. Dresses and bikes really dont go - kind of looks.

It's La Sablonnerie, one of my most favourite places to be. I shall be wearing a dress ok?

A bit of a Monroe dress moment on La Coupee, thank goodness for opaque tights. Hubster gives me yet another one of those - told you so looks.

And yet another as he pleads with me to get on my bike and get a move on. Dusk is fast approaching and the canapes in the garden are waiting.

Enjoying a creamy chablis and mackerel canapes whilst we peruse the amazing menu.

There are so many dishes on the menu, but a few that stand out are:

The Roasted Sea Scallops with Garlic Butter, Lobster Thermidor, Caramelised Breast of Duckling with a Green Peppercorn Sauce. Fillet of Home-grown Beef, Spring Lamb and Veal served with a light Madeira Sauce and garnished with a Medley of Wild Mushrooms.

However, we were seduced by the Sark Lobster menu.

All of the seafood on Sark is taken from the waters around the Island. The fisherman land their boats at 4pm and the seafood is fresh to the plate by 8pm. It has a sweetness like no other.

Hubster opted for Lobster Thermidor. I often avoid it thinking that the rich creamy sauce will be quite cloying and overpowering. Silly me, it was silky light in texture and eye-closingly delicious.

I opted for a whole fresh lobster salad, served with a dill mayonnaise. Divine. Less is definitely more.

Wonderfully replete, happy and heady from a bottle and a half of Chablis, we acknowledged that the cycle back could be eventful. There are NO street lights on Sark and much of the return journey is on the incline too.

Funnily enough, no pictures of that journey home are available.

So I will leave you with this one instead.

Totally enchanting and FOR SALE

Keep the dream in your pocket and hold it in your hand and up to your heart everyday.

Farewell Sark, see you in July.

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  1. Dress and Chablis definitely...uphill clambering not so much. Fabulous menu, makes my mouth water and love the photos. xxx