Saturday, 7 May 2011

What is the dog named after a salad vegetable?

Our Radish aka the Radster, Radders or Wrecking Ball (!!) is a 9 month old lurcher.

What is a Lurcher?

A Lurcher is not a breed of dog but a type of dog.

That means, (and I will write this bit very quietly indeed so as not to offend the wee lad), he is not a pedigree, he is not a pure breed. A hybrid so to speak.

A lurcher is any breed of dog crossed with a sighthound.

In the main this is a Greyhound or Whippet, but can also be a Wolfhound, Saluki or Deer hound. As a result they come in all wonderful shapes and sizes.
Greyhound/Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross - soft as puddings and extremely playful.

Greyhound/Black Labrador cross - gorgeously affectionate, the most affectionate combo ever!

Greyhound/Terrier Cross - incredibly loyal and will walk with you for mile and miles and miles.

We had such a cross years ago. Whisky babes you were an incredible boy and when we think of the Scottish Highlands, we think of walks with you, me and the Hubster's first fur baby.

And so you get the gist...

Radish's mummy was a brindle greyhound, she would have looked like this:

His Daddy was a Bearded Collie and he would have looked like this:

Put the two breeds together in a mixing bowl, stir carefully and add generous sprinkles of Angel dust and you get a Radish. Just like this:
A right scruff bag - perfect just what we wanted.

"Excuse-moi ma maman, I am shabby chic not scruffy! Merci buckets"

Aww forgive me whilst I have a moment, sniff Where did my puppy fur baby go? sniff

One of Radish's playmates is a Saluki/Greyhound Cross called Sam. He is a fairly regal chap with very fine tastes indeed. I believe he possesses a smoking jacket and does enjoy the odd fine cigar and a drop of vintage port, 1970 is his favourite vintage so I've heard.

The mere suggestion that he is anything less than a pure bred pedigree would be a terrible faux pas.

He is devilishly handsome and to affirm his status he even has his own blog!

Phew thats got Radders off my back, he was becoming a tad miffed that he had not featured for at least a week! Demanding, stroppy teenagers for you!

He would like to inform his public that his post bag is very full, so a "Dear Radish" is imminent but if you have any doggy problems that you would like to submit online to "Agony Dog". Please feel free.

"Chere Maman please plug lurcher and greyhound rescue"
and our mini-me friends at Whippet Rescue too" Wise pup no sooner said than done.

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