Saturday 9 March 2013

Hairdryer Day

We have had consistently high temps in the 30's now for whats seems like weeks on end. Across the whole of Australia it is the hottest Summer ever recorded.

This is the Australia that many Brits relate to and certainly I know I did but it really isn't the norm. We are now in Autumn and it is unusual to be clocking up these temperatures still.

So glad I managed to swerve Hubster from cycling to lunch today, it registered 38 degrees in the car and on top of that it is a hair dryer day.

You know those days back home when they say it is 10 degrees but with the wind chill factor it actually feels like 3 degrees?

Well if you reverse that idea and factor in the hot north winds blowing south from the out back desert and all of a sudden a mid 30's becomes quite unbearable. Just like standing beneath a very hot and relentless hairdryer.

It's one of those days today.

We personally seek the aircon but not the Aussies they seek the beach.

That's when I know we are not truly acclimatised, how can they do that?

Now a beautiful lunch with pink bubbles, oysters and Barramundi and aircon whilst watching the Aussies play on the beach? Now you're talking.

A symbolic lunch at Cerberus Beach House.

A toast to absent family.

A toast to the end of a traumatic time.

A toast to Hubster's first year in the job and his year end results.

A toast for being so blessed to have the chance to live the Aussie way of life.


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  1. As British expats ourselves, we're delighted to have helped you acclimatise in some small way! Thank you so much for dining with us, and sharing your experiences (and fabulous photos), and if you ever want to share transition stories, be sure to pop by. Best wishes, Erica, Jamie and the team at Cerberus Beach House.