Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The past week has seemed like the longest and certainly one of the most fraught.

We had all been looking forward so much to the arrival of our parents in law, Ce and Tam.

We had planned and plotted for months and were very excited at showing them and sharing with them our home and our life in Melbourne.

However, it wasn't meant to be.

Everyone is gutted, no-one more than our parents I am sure.

The journey is a gruelling one, even for the fully fit. I remember being totally wasted when I first arrived here.

You cannot get over just how long that trip is - until you do it.

Mum did her very, very best, that we know but the travel proved too much. We would never want any unnecessary risk and so it was best that she get better and return home.

On the positive, Mum is out of hospital and the careful process of getting her and Dad safely back to Hay on Wye will shortly begin.

Another positive, is that no matter where your life takes you, it is always good to see a family pull together in time of crisis.

Disappointed yes but also very proud of my family T-J.

Radish says follow the 3 r's Rest, Revive and Recuperate Mum. He really is the world champion at that.


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