Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Yarra Revisited

We had only just moved into our home and Radders was still in quarantine when we made our first trip to the Yarra Valley last April.

The beautiful wine growing region of Victoria warranted another visit. Christmas is approaching and it is a wonderful time of year in the vineyards.

It is also an amazing time for the delicious produce made and  grown here but that's the subject of the next blog.

Spoilt for choice you stumble over winery after winery. All fabulous.

Our favourite however by miles is this one.

Yering Farm. It's rustic, simple and uncomplicated and the wine is to die for.

"Can you do us a deal?"

"Of course mate"

"Are you serving lunch platters?"

"yes mate we will get one rustled up for you no worries"

We had no idea what this consisted of but went with the flow, trusting it would be delicious.

"Enjoy your platter, think about what you want and I'll give you the best deal I can"

Small, independent. family run, supplying the public and selected restaurants only. Lovely.

You won't find these wines in Dan Murphy's (Dan Murphy's is the biggest franchised booze retailer in Oz).

Here we believe we have found the most sublime Chardonnay on the whole planet.

Tasting it again, we rolled our eyes, looked at each other with complicit approval and a huge "yes, yes" nod of the head.

The lunch platter was lovely too. Made even lovelier when they said it was on the house.

We obviously bought alot of wine but that's the kind of customer service that will bring us back time after time and for Yering Farm yields the best advertising in the world - word of mouth!

As for the bottle of wine you see with our lunch, we shared a little glass between us. We were driving after all and in spite of the temptation, we enjoyed it even more in the comfort of our own home.

Yering Farm we salute you!

Stunning views overlooking the Yering Farm Vineyards
Tasting is a serious business!

Sauv blanc, Marsanne, Chardy, Rose, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cab Sav
Load her up boys!
I think it will be a very "merry" Christmas and New Year and a jolly Easter too!

So here's to our motto, "one life, live it"

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  1. Looks like ur gonna have a ver merry Christmas cuzzie and so it is derserved but u both enjoy