Thursday 29 November 2012

38 degrees

On days like these you ensure you are at the dog beach by 6.30am.

Scorching hot sand and blistering pavements on sensitive paws is not fun.

The boy goes for a paddle and so do you.

Sweeping floors, ironing, mopping and hoovering are out of the question, the only thing you are going to do with a brush on a day like this is paint your toe nails - maybe.

You paint them because you will be wearing flip flops even though your ankles are a bit puffy.

Getting ready takes longer as you need to lather up head to toe in Factor 30.

Before stepping a foot outside, your handbag MUST contain all of the following items without fail.

The session at the gym has never, ever been less appealing and you question your own sanity as you crawl out of the door on the verge of self combustion.

Chilled water suddenly becomes far more delicious than any fine wine.

If you are meeting a friend, you have to seek out a lunch venue with air con, here is perfect, you skip all carbs, aagh just the thought!

Cooling Kingfish Sashimi with kaffir lime, coconut cream and toasted coconut

You feel blessed that your home has high ceilings but the air con goes on anyway.

You take at least 3 cool showers throughout the day but you can't dry your hair, even on cool the hairdryer makes your head perspire buckets.

You are culturally challenged and bamboozled by the sight of Christmas decorations everywhere.

You ensure there is a couple of tinnies in the fridge for the Hubster, then you make the salad and he throws some shrimp on the barbie.

This is Summer at Christmas time Down Under!.



  1. Hey its Angela from opposite Miss P...Lovely weather you're having - an enviable post! Please could you email me ASAP - sorry to ask on here but I can't contact you any other way. Thank you x