Sunday 9 September 2012

8th September

It's our "wooden" anniversary. 5 years, all about wood.

Doesn't have the same ring to it though as ruby, silver or diamond but me and Hubster have a whole load of living, loving and the mundane of married life to go until we can fly those flags.

5 years since the "we do's" at Tongabezi in Zambia.

How could we have known that 5 years after that beautiful African wedding, we would be here in Australia.

Facing the gaping mouth of the entrance to Luna Park, with a pre-match glass of fizz, we tracked what we have done over the past 5 years.

Lived lives. We can't ask anymore of each other than that.

The 8th, yesterday was our day, but the weather was having a hissy fit. So, we held hands at the cinema, took fish and chips home and snuggled up with bubbles instead.

Today however the weather is beautiful. Time to celebrate in style.

Donovan's on the beach - oh yeah!

BBQ Squid with a salted tempura sage leaf. Each mouthful of squid with a slither of tempura sage was utterly sublime, then yabbies off the barbie! When in Rome eh?

Yes the basket on the bike was necessary people, for it carried the handbag, that held the killer heels to be changed into on arrival. (and the puncture repair kit).

No-one looks good in a cycling helmet. Victoria Pembleton I concede but she looks good in everything.

Everyone feels light and giggly with  a glass of bubbles.

Love you Hubster, it was just perfick.

I'm happy with you and you are happy with me. That's it.


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