Saturday 15 September 2012

8th in the World!

Melbourne is the 8th most expensive City in the world.

Yes, as residents, we know.

Sydney is the 7th. Thank God we live in Melbourne hey?

6 months in I am trying not to do the price comparisons with the UK but it is so hard.

Anyway after my £188 hair do yesterday, I thought I would share some of the price differentials with you all.

The average cost of a house in Brighton where we live is $1.5 million, (£975,000).

Here are just a few supermarket staples to get your head around.

Beef and Red Wine Pie - £14.33!

£9.11 for a Quiche!

An eyewatering £9.76 for a Kg of Toms

£8.32 for a jar of Coffee

£4.65 for tin foil

£4.55 for a very ordinary loaf!

£10.80 to clean your dishes

£11.56 to clean your smalls!

I have a theory.

Ever wondered why many of the Brits who come over here, never go back home?  Simple, with the cost of living, they can't flaming afford to!

Melbourne has also been voted one of the best cities in the world to live and regardless of the cost, I have to say I totally understand why.

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