Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lactic loaded, leaden legs!

One day of skiing on compacted snow followed by a blistering hike up a mountain and my quads and calves were protesting in the extreme.

I was incapable of walking down the stairs to breakfast unaided!

Mrs T-J, 20 years ago you would have easily got away with that, damn you middle age, damn you!

Only one thing for it, a Linky Lonky day and admit it, don't we all love those?

We drove to the coast at Haast to eat Blue Cod and chips and walk along the beach a deux. Not another living soul.

Beginning to really enjoy this sense of space.

Go away...... this is my beach, ... this is my get to feel like that.......when you start to love the freedom...................

We played skimmers across the water, Hubster was superb, years of practise but I found the better tree to hide a country mile!

I have never seen lichen,moss or fungi like it ever. This is a tree trunk carpeted in velvety moss.

I will do a blog on this subject alone, I remember my Dad always told me there were about 5000 varieties. At the age of 14, I was interested enough to retain this little nugget of information but do recall thinking, ok, moss is moss isn't?

Thank you Dad, I am now on your page and avidly learning and fully appreciating.

The blue glacial waters are so clear that you can see 10 metres to the floor. To the right of this photo a girl jumped naked into the water.....apparently it is the thing to do! So brave, it is icy, freezing cold.

I didn't take a picture, regret it now. Was a bit in awe and thinking OMG, how bonkers but now I want to do it!

Hubster walked away and shook his head he knew exactly what I was thinking. Well, I probably will ..... one day, but not with an audience!

At the end of a tremendous day and a few days into our love affair with New Zealand we went to the flics.

Not any old flics.

We watched the whole film sat in a vintage 1950's bug car, with homemade ice-cream and cookies.

At Wanaka Cinema, you can choose any seat you like, maybe a dentist chair, a leather sofa or a motorbike but don't expect the norm.

I think that's a great mantra for life.

We came on a skiing holiday but we really didn't in the end.


  1. Great pics cuz. It sounds fun watching a film in an out the ordinary seat.

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